Keeping Kids Active With Holiday Camp

Holiday Camp is a great way to keep your kids happy and healthy during a break from school. Just because classes are not in session doesn’t mean kids shouldn’t be following a dynamic schedule. 

TCR The Club of Riverdale offers winter holiday camp this year from December 26th-29th and January 2nd-5th.

Here are 8 reasons why being active is beneficial to our children’s lives. 
  1. Children who are active at least 60 minutes per day show lower rates of obesity.
  2. Higher rates of physical fitness in children have been linked to higher test scores in math and reading.
  3. Physical and Cognitive development go hand in hand. 
  4. Play-based activity assists children in developing skills that make physical activity more pleasant later in life. 
  5. Everyday physical activity has been linked to better-quality behavior in the classroom and elsewhere.
  6. Lively children are more probable to become active adults
  7. Consistent exercise with children encourages self-efficacy with regard to fitness and self-image.
  8. Regular exercise cuts indications of depression and anxiety in children. 

TCR The Club of Riverdale specializes in year-round activities for children. Whether its private lessons with a swim coach or after school Junior Development Tennis. There is something for all kids here at TCR.

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